Platinum Club

 Welcome To The World of Platinum 

 Our Vision

To offer Our retailer partners, an additional business and a high margin opportunity through Platinum

One of the fastest growing jewellery category in India.


PLATINUM is one of highest growth categories growing at over

Year On Year

 Young consumers (15 to 45 years) desire platinum. By stocking platinum in your store, you have an opportunity to sell to this young consumer wanting platinum jewellery.

With PLATINUM being one of the high margin categories in jewellery, leading reatailers in India aggresively promote PLATINUM. Shilpi now bring this opportunity to you.

 By Stocking PLATINUM you become a part of  an exclusive club of PLATINUM jewellery retailers and differentiate yourself from competition


  Platinum Jewellery Retailers attribute 30-35% of new consumer?

Membership Benefits

 Sales Support


 Exclusive designs for Club members

 Jewellery Designs – Assured Best Sellers

 Support for retailer initiatives – Platinum Exhibition Support

 Danglers, Tent Cards, Standees for Exhibition

 Product catalogue and Buyers Guide

 Additional Stock Support

 Free Logistics on Sales

 Product and Sales Training by Platinum Gold International

Premium Partner Benefit

 Eligible for free Silver equal to the weight of Platinum

purchased through the year

The more you sale the more discount you get

Platinum Awards Programme

Best Retailer of the year (Sales)





Visual Merchandising

 Platinum Jewellery Display Trays

 Customize Instore Branding

 Platinum Buyers Guide

 Product Catalogue

 Membership Certificate

Welcome Kit

Promotional Support for retail partners

 Customised Emailer Creative every month

 Ready SMS for your clients every month

 Whatsapp Messeges and Creative every month


Rules & Regulations

Delivery Timeline

 Minimum purchase of 350gms to become member

 Complete Registration form to be submitted with advance of Rs. One Lakh through cheque (this amount will be adjusted as advance received with 1st billing)

 Regular clients of Shilpi will have submit compulsory PDC

 Membership opens from 1st August 2017. Membership will be renewedevery year on sales basis

 No Cash Transactions

 Rate will be fixed on the date of billing when goods are dispatched

  All Platinum Club design will have to be sourced from Shilpi only

  Fixed price for every members

  Compulsory reorder every day 1 week 1month on sale of Platinum jewellery

 By any chance if you wish to cancel or we cancel the membership then all the benefits for TPC will be withdrawn immediately

 On cancellation of membership, all POSM, certificates and branding have to be returned to shilpi within 30days

*Design Customization will be supported

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